Weekend diaries: an evening in Dubai (19-April-2013)

I admit freely that living in Dubai is a lifetime experience. A visit to Dubai always thrills me, it has many things to offer. It attracts me with it's engineering marvels, with it's beautiful cityscape, glamorous lifestyle, global population and what not!

This time I was in Palm Jumeirah. The weather disappointed me in one hand and gifted something else from the other hand. From Jumeirah, all the landmarks of Dubai are visible - I planned a shot. The weather was so cloudy that the visibility was very poor. I waited and waited for it to be in my favor but not. Finally it was the time of sunset and clouds played their role for something good - a drama.

The dust bug of D600 did not spared me, that is evident from the photographs but the day ended with a smile on my face. It was time for the evening. I was in Jumeirah Lake Towers to visit one of my friends, the view from his balcony was something spectacular, here is a glimpse

That is why Dubai is so beautiful in everyone's eyes.

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