Al Hayle and test shot with D600

01-Feb-2013: Al Hayle

It was weekend (Friday) and I did not wake up early to go for a photo walk what I usually do with my colleagues/friends on Friday early mornings. Rather we decided to go out after lunch. It was not winter anymore in Fujairah neither hotty summer, the temperature was pretty much bearable but the day was little bit overcasted. 

Weekend destination was set to Al Hayle castle, around 10.0 km from the city through the Al Hayle industrial area and mountains - the oldest fort in UAE. We (me and my colleague - just 2 of us) started after having our lunch at around 3.00 pm with our bi-cycles. 

We crossed the Al Hayle industrial area and entered in hilly area, the road was no more in plain - high high and higher. The sky was in non-cooperation mood. We were in 2.0 km radius of the fort after going through small villages and welcomed by darkness and storm

For the above image I combined the exposures, that's why it looks much brighter but the reality was more darker.

This was our camera setup for the first image. From this point we decided to go back - we did not dared to go through the storm. May be next time!

On our way back (the return journey was much much easier as we were coming down) in the industrial area, we met an abandoned ship (actually a mini boat) named Perkasa II from Port Kelang

We met him on our out bound  journey as well but in night it was more dramatic, the day time snap comes here

We were physically exhausted after 15.0 km (approx) of cycling.

20-Feb-2013: Test shot with D600

On 9-Feb I received my D600, then I just tested some blank shots with the camera and was reading the manual to get familiar with the controls. But no serious shots and I missed the last weekend photo walk. So D600 was not used for anything major.

On 20-Feb after returning from office I saw a beautiful sky through my window and I could not resist myself from capturing it

The sky was really so colorful and dramatic like this, I merged the exposures here to present the reality as much as possible. 

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