Exploring Festival city

Hello friends, hopefully you all are having a very good time in the new year. In 2012, I made sure that all my photos taken in 2012 are published here - I succeeded 99%. That lack of 1% happened because one set of photos I could not manage to process and publish - Festival city. Finally they will be here now.

250 degree panorama of Festival city
The above panorama feats the Business Bay bridge, Garhoud bridge behind of that, Burj Khalifa, Intercontinental hotel and ofcourse the Festival city.

Festival city after a Light-n-Sound show

180 degree panorama of Festival city
View of Business bay bridge (Garhoud bridge in the background as well) from Festival city
Friends are having a good time there!
Another panorama featuring Business bay bridge in left and Garhoud bridge in right

A cruise passing under the Business Bay bridge
Under the Business Bay bridge
Crown plaza, Festival city

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