Sri Lanka - Part VI

Day 06: Mirissa, Balapitiya, Bentota

Our 6th day's mission was to go for a special sea-trip at Mirissa. What is so special? Mirissa is famous for blue whales (balaenoptera musculus) - one of the rarest mammals living on earth and they are the largest animal on earth. We wanted to have a look on them. We booked our trip with Mirissa Water Sports.

If you have any desire for the same activity, then take my words - go with Mirissa Water Sports, their crews are really good and they exactly know what they are doing. 

We started early in the morning at 6.30 am, we left our hotel (from Yala) around 4.00 am. We were not so lucky in that morning, the weather was bad - really really bad. The sea was horribly rough. We went almost 12 nautical miles deep inside the sea but the blue whales were not in a mood to come out. The point from where we retreated, we were able to see the storm cloud formation from the sea. It was raining badly with strong wind.. The turbulence made all of us (we were in a group along with other nationals, about 20 people in a boat) uneasy. The crews helped us at their best.

Obviously I did not dare to take out my camera (my little D5100 is not weather sealed, even weather sealed cameras are not advised to take out in such salty sea waters), salty sea waters splashing on all of us - we all were wet. 

Only one good thing happened to us in that trip, we have seen hundreds of dolphins (various types, I do not remember now) throughout the trip. They made us smile. It was first time for me watching dolphins in open nature and that too in hundreds (or even more).

We returned safely to Mirissa coast at around 11.00 am. Thanks to dear God. In future I would like to visit  Sri Lanka atleast once - Yala and Mirissa will be the destinations.

After gasping our breath properly we made us dry and started our forward journey towards Bentota. On the way to Bentota, we passed by Peraliya village near Balapitiya. By the time we reached there, the sky was clear we were bit upset on this play of nature. There we saw tsunami memorial, that whole village was completely destroyed on 26-December-2004 due to tsunami.

The Tsunami Honganji Vihara
Tsunami (26-December-2004) memorial made by Sri Lanka Government, Japan Government and Sri Lanka Buddhist community, at Peraliya village near Balapitiya.

The Tsunami Honganji Vihara
The Bamian Replica Buddha Statue that reminds the ancient Buddha at Bamiyan Valley that the Taliban destroyed in Afghanistan; made by Sri Lanka Government, Japan Government and Buddhist community, at Peraliya village near Balapitiya.

The Tsunami Honganji Vihara
Another Tsunami memorial at Peraliya village, near Balapitiya
We stopped at Balapitiya for lunch (as usual was superb), then continued our journey towards Bentota and reached there at around 4.00 pm. Our hotel at Bentota was really nice - a small and neat hotel adjacent to sea shore. I rushed to take a shower and then hurried to the sea beach with my gears to capture sunset. Nature did not disappointed me this time.

Sunset at Bentota
Sunset at Bentota
Sunset at Bentota
Sunset at Bentota
Sunset at Bentota
Sunset at Bentota
Sunset at Bentota
I liked all the above images and could not make the series smaller, would like to hear from you to shorten them. The setup was perfect for a time lapse session but I could not make it - my bad. Anyways I was happy.

Day 07: Departure from Colombo

Finally we reached to the end of our Sri Lanka tour and we were not happy. The time flew like seconds. Within few hours we will be subjected to our daily routine life.

We left Bentota after having a good breakfast, destination Colombo. We quickly had a look on Colombo but did not stopped anywhere but for some shopping and lunch.

Finally the time came, our humble guide Roshen dropped us at Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo. We bid each other good bye and made wishes to meet again. 

One good thing happened to us on our returned journey, our ticket was upgraded to Business class - that was really a relief and a sweet conclusion of out tour.

Buddha statue at Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo
Good bye Sri Lanka, see you again.

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