Phuket, Thailand - Part VI

Day 06 and 07 completely lost due to heavy rain in Phuket. Day 08 was bit better than the previous two days. Early morning we called Alex - our Thai guide-n-driver. 

We visited Cher Aim spa village (situated opposite to Central festival shopping center in Phuket) and had pearl massage for an hour. It was necessary to lift our mood. The massage did the magic. We forwarded with our plans to visit Phuket Butterfly garden and some shopping (we were heading towards end of our trip). Drizzles of rain made sure that, we are not alone - accompanied us regularly.

Once we are done with Butterfly garden, we did some shopping - mainly some souvenirs. We visited the snake garden as well - due to heavy rain I kept my camera inside the car only, did not dared to expose my camera. Then it was time for another splendid Thai lunch. And then back to hotel.

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