Phuket, Thailand - Part IV

Day 04 of our trip. We planned to explore the Phuket town and do some activities with limited travelling. The day was bit cloudy and rainy since early morning.

We started with the Big Buddha Phuket. The Big Buddha of Phuket has been designed with a contemporary art in Maravi-chai posture. The reinforced concrete made statue is 45.00 m high and 25.45 m wide. The surface of the statue is ornamented with white marble. For more information, visit official website of the Big Buddha Phuket here.

It was not only the weather who was not in our favor, Mr. Big Buddha did not favored us either. He was under maintenance, so I got an image like this:

The Big Buddha Phuket
Overall, the Big Buddha temple is built on a big mountain plateau. There are many more statues and sculptures, major construction and maintenance works were in progress.

At the Big Buddha temple, Phuket
At the Big Buddha temple, Phuket
Now, it was the time for some activities and adventure sports. From Big Buddha, we went to Flying Hanuman - for an adventure sports in hilly jungles of Phuket. Visit Flying Hanuman's official website for more details. If you are visiting Phuket and you are physically strong enough for bit activities (and passionate) then this is a must activity. 

It was a good two hours in Flying Hanuman. Our spoiled mood (due to poor weather) was elevated now and we were ready for more. What's more? What about bungy jumping? We agreed and headed towards Jungle Bungy Jump Phuket. Details about bungy jump in Phuket can be found here and here.

This bungy jumping is operated by professionals from New Zealand, their safety regulations were upto the mark and satisfactory. If you want to experience bungy, then you can trust these guys. 

This was my first time, frankly I was nervous - you can make that out in the video clip.

When it was over, I grasp my breathe and took time to realize my existence on this beautiful earth. The shock of free falling was a life time experience. It was worthy to take risk. But later your legs capture full concentration - due to tight ropes the legs start to pain (heavily). 

We celebrated our first bungy with a delicious Thai lunch (it is recommended to keep your stomach as empty as possible before bungy).

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