Phuket, Thailand - Part I

July 2012, I packed my bags again, this time  for a 8 days long trip. Destination - Phuket, Thailand; company - the same friend who accompanied me there in my Sri Lanka trip.

We booked our flights (Dubai to Bangkok by Jet air and Bangkok to Phuket by Air Asia) and hotel well in advance. Everything was self-arranged. On a fine Thursday evening we took off from Dubai. Next day early morning we reached Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi International airport - BKK). 

It was a good sunny morning and a beautiful airport. I must admit one thing, I liked Bangkok airport more than Dubai International airport (Terminal 3) - superbly built and maintained. 

After passing through immigration and visa procedures (Thailand offers visa on arrival to Indians tourists for a period of 15 days, they charge 1,000/- Thai Baht per head for granting visa) we refreshed ourselves. There we had our connecting flight after 3 hours. My friend was tired and took another quick nap.

I tried to sleep but failed, hence decided to capture them:

The Air Asia flight to Phuket departed from Bangkok with a delay of an hour due to some technical difficulties. I slept in the entire flight though it was a short flight of only 45 minutes. After reaching Phuket International airport (HKT), we hired a private taxi to reach our hotel - another good 30 minutes.

Finally we reached our hotel in the afternoon. We took our bath and lunch and then utilized our respective bed. We slept for 3-4 hours. Woke up late in the evening and walked through the city just to have an overall idea. After walking for 2 hours in the city, we went to a beach side restaurant and enjoyed Thai beer and concluded the day.

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