12-12-12 Special

Today's date is 12-12-12 (12-December-2012), end of the series of special dates that we first saw on 01-01-01 (01-January-2001). I don't know any special auspicious facts related to these dates but just by having a look it seems to be special. And when you realize that one have to wait minimum 100 years to see again these pattern of dates, you yourself realize that it is special indeed.

From the morning, I was planning to post something but was stuck with routine. It's almost midnight now and finally it is here.

While concluding Sheikh Zayed Mosque post, I expressed my wish to visit the mosque atleast once again but in evening time. In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I was in Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi on 02-December. On my way back my wish got answered and with all desired particulars. It was evening, during day time it rained a bit but in the evening the weather was just perfect. So enjoy the snaps now.

I hope you celebrated 12-12-12 in a special way and enjoyed your virtual trip of Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque with me. See high resolution images here in Flickr.

Good part of these set of images is that, I submitted one of these images to a photography challenge in dpreview. And that submission gave me the pleasure of being 1st. This my first image which got placed 1st in any challenge.

Please feel free to comment. All comments (critiques & appraisals) are welcome. Please do not reproduce the images for commercial purposes without prior permission.