Human emotions

I was there in Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport - returning back to UAE after celebrating Durga puja (snaps coming soon) at home.

I checked-in bit earlier and had plenty of time. So, to entertain myself took out my cam and started playing. There were lot of passengers, one of the groups drawn my attention very well - they were having two kids with them. I shoot some 9-10 photos of that group - presence of the kids ensured that the facial expressions will keep on changing. A good 10 minutes and I ended up with the following:

At 6.08 pm

At 6.18 pm

Lightroom 4 does a good job while reducing noise

Yesterday I was watching some tutorial by Alan Kesselhaut, there he many times mentioned that Lightroom 4 does a great job while reducing noise. After posting the the above snaps, my mind asked me to give it a try, cause in all the above images a bit of noise is easily recognizable. 

If you are not aware about how to do it, then here is a quick and easy guide for you. In Lightroom's develop module, you can find 'Detail' tab - below 'Split Toning' tab and above 'Lens Correction' tab. Under 'Detail' tab there is 'Noise Reduction', just play with the sliders and achieve your desired output.

Remember one simple thing while you are playing with your precious image in any software (provided you are doing it with your RAW images) - don't be afraid. Play with all the sliders as much as you wish till you achieve what you want. Nothing can make any permanent changes (damages) to your RAW files - so your capture is always SAFE. All the slider movements are very easy to reset. So, play it.

Now, the modified images (with reduced noise) for you:

Please feel free to comment. All comments (criticisms & appraisals) are welcome. Please do not reproduce the images for commercial purposes without prior permission.