If you ever visit Dubai and do not treat yourself with a luxury - luxury of being AT THE TOP of the tallest building on earth (to date) - Burj Khalifa then I must say, your visit was incomplete. 

I still remember very well my first sight of Burj Khalifa - a spectacular view combined with another beautiful man made creation: the fountain show in Dubai mall

When I first came in Fujairah (back in May 2010) with my new job, frankly speaking - the experience was pretty much frustrating. When you hear Fujairah, do not imagine it like other glittering emirates (i.e. Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah) of UAE. After a month (or may be 45 days) I had to visit Abu Dhabi for some official works, way back to Fujairah I took a break and the magic happened! I saw the Burj Khalifa standing in front of me, that sight and a spectacular fountain show took away all my frustrations. All of a sudden I realized that, this is the part of the world where all construction professionals / civil engineers dream to work - to be a part of; I'm so lucky to be here and I should not be frustrated - Dubai is just an hour drive from Fujairah :). Cheers!! Believe me - it worked exactly like that  and I started to enjoy my stay afterwards.

But I had to wait another 6-7 months before I could explore this marvel from AT THE TOP - an observation deck at 124th floor of Burj Khalifa  is open for public (at a nominal price) who wish to be there and wish to enjoy the view of Dubai from the highest point. If one is lucky enough (if the weather is with you) then even can see upto Sharjah very clearly with naked eyes. March 2011 - for the first time I went to AT THE TOP. It welcomes all with a warmth gesture.

After entry through Dubai mall's lower ground level and security check, you will arrive in a dark corridor and you will find a nice animation  on the wall.

Now you know, who is Burj Khalifa. It's the time - embrace yourself for an unforgettable ride of world's fastest and smoothest lift which will travel 124 floors within a minute! Do not want to believe? Have a look on the video:

Once you are there, you can please yourself with unrestricted views of the famous Sheikh Zayed road, Burj Al Arab, The World islands and many more. If you plan your visit time well, then you can make yourself lucky to watch sunset from there - a memory of life time.

Shadow of Burj Khalifa on Dubai mall
Fountain show from the TOP
It is hard to say, which is better experience of the fountain show - one from the gallery or the one from the TOP; from the TOP one can not hear the music but the view is simply superb. 

I went to AT THE TOP for the second time on November 2011 (actually, the above two videos are captured during my second visit). For me it was equally refreshing like my first time. And this time with my D5100.

Cam sketch of Dubai mall entrance (01)
Cam sketch of Dubai mall entrance (02)

Dubai mall from AT THE TOP, feats The Address Hotel (Dubai mall)
View of Sheikh Zayed road from AT THE TOP
And an unforgettable sunset from AT THE TOP 

Sunset from AT THE TOP, feats Burj Al Arab
Sunset from AT THE TOP, feats Burj Al Arab (on left) and The World islands (on right)

Sheikh Zayed road - after sunset
Somehow, Burj Khalifa is never a boring experience for me; may be I'll visit it many more time - lets see. Accordingly I will post the snaps here too :). You can find the snaps in My Flickr also.

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