Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Only few days back there was Eid - the holy month of Ramadan ended with blessings and messages of love, peace and harmony.

Last February (2012) I visited Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi with my friends - it is an architectural marvel, a jewel situated in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates; a must see for visitors. 

I thought, the snaps captured there could be shared considering the time.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has many special feats like:

  • The beautiful carpet in the main prayer hall is world's largest single piece carpet - weighs approximately 35 ton. If I remember properly, the guide said that around 1200 Iranian ladies knotted this woolen carpet in 2 years - they worked 24x7. They transported it into 9 pieces and then stitched together. You may found continuous ribs on the carpet and may consider them as joints - but they are not! These continuous ribs are made on purpose - it helps to stand the devotees in alignment while offering prayer. The actual stitches are on underneath and completely invisible.
  • The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has seven chandeliers and are the second largest known chandelier inside a mosque, the third largest in the world and each has a 10 m diameter and a 15 m height. These chandeliers are showing off millions of colorful Swarovski crystals.

There are many more special things about the mosque but I remember only above mentioned facts - my poor memory :( (who cares about the numbers!!!) The mosque is there in my memory and the snaps are there in my collection :P

The above images are captured inside the main prayer hall. If you are planning a visit, make sure to be dressed in a decent way. Women have to cover their head completely, showing bared skin is strictly not allowed inside the premises. Burqa is available for women visitors - free of cost, changing room is there. All visitors have to be bare foot irrespective of gender and age.

The mosque is equally beautiful from outside. We were bit unlucky on the day - weather was not at all ideal for shooting outside, it was one of the worst sand storm I have seen here. I could manage only few snaps outside. It was day time - so the colors of nights I missed as well.

I wish to visit the mosque atleast one more time and during evening in particular. These images are also there in Flickr for you.

Click here to see Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque in night.

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