Yesterday I was reading an article (random) - forwarded email. It was full of text and obviously I wanted to delete but somehow my eyes stuck on the article and I read the whole.

It was about habits, I liked the content of the email and I felt the urge to share in FB. So, after editing some here-n-there I posted it as my Note.

Hopefully the same note will be my next post but not this one. There the unknown author wrote the following under "Career habits":

Start a blogBlogging is one of the best ways to put your word out. It doesn’t have to be around a specific topic, even a personal blog will do. If not maintain an online diary. Or write notes on Facebook. Share your thoughts with the world. Over time you will have plenty of ideas to build on and show others.

Though I was thinking since last 6-8 months about blogging, the above is the main inspiration or key force behind this 'not so brief ' introduction. Thank you Mr. X.

Now the obvious question is: why I named my blog as "Lens StOp"? I'm a Civil/Structural Engineer by profession. A photo hobbyist, love to eat, cook, read, roam, and many more... When I say I'm a photo hobbyist I really mean it - I like photography a lot (I should warn the readers first - currently I'm at nursery level of photography) and many posts will be related to that only. But there will be no hard-n-fast restrictions on the contents of the posts, my journey of life may also appear here in times.

All the very best "Lens StOp" :)