My photo stream on Flickr

I named my page as Lens StOp - so one must look for some snaps instead of mere introduction and motivational facts! And here it comes... 

Capturing photo (I do not want to use the single word term Photography as I'm far behind than that) is my hobby, I must admit that am an amateur, but surely it fascinates me very much. 

I started capturing (in 2007) with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S650 (before that in childhood days, few occasional I was lucky to handle dad's Pentax - a film camera, but frankly speaking - I could not make it my cup!); frequently borrowed Sony DSC-H9 & Sony DSC-H50 from my friends to fulfill my desires to capture better. I shared my experience with Sony here: My Picasa

My first camera - Sony DSC-S650
After few years of borrowing from here and there I wanted to buy a good camera (mean time I already lost my Sony) and I seek my friend's suggestion to help me choose. This friend of mine is a real artist, he is an Architect by profession and a genius in sketching and photography (one can see his work here); he suggested me to go for a D-SLR. 

As I said before, am just an amateur so I did not took his suggestion seriously and kept on looking for a super-zoom digital camera. After lot of bla bla n quack quack finally I managed to convince myself for a D-SLR and bought my Nikon D5100 (in July 2011). 

I started sharing my Nikon experience (obviously to attract reviews to improve myself) here: My Flickr and 500px.

I think this is better introduction of Lens StOp.